Fellow Republican,

We are in a fight for the future of Texas. Harris County is a key battleground. To win, the GOP needs to rebuild, ground up.

We need reform to restore independence and integrity to the Harris County Republican Party — to return the Party to the grassroots, to win elections where they are fought — on the ground, in our neighborhoods, across Harris County.

As your new Harris County GOP Chair, elected in March 2014, I bring a lifetime of experience leading civic and conservative Republican groups, with my pro-life and fiscal conservative principles, to empower a Strong organization with a Solid positive conservative message backed by financial Solutions!

I plan to run for re-election in March 2016, to continue helping grow and strengthen the GOP in Harris County so we will win in 2016, and beyond. Stay tuned to this site for updates as the primary season progresses.

In the meantime, join the Harris County GOP and our broad coalition of dedicated Republicans to Take Back Harris County!

Paul Simpson, County Chair
Harris County Republican Party